Designed exclusively for UNISON

Used by 15 branches across the south west

The ActivistHub was created in 2018 by a UNISON branch employee in their spare time. The primary focus was to reduce their branch's day-to-day workload and improve efficiency. As word spread about the system, neighbouring branches began to ask for access.

In 2020 the pandemic accelerated the need for digital organising; With the support of the South West region, the CASE form application was separated from the ActivistHub and made accessible to all branches and regions called UNISON CASE Forms.

Since then, the ActivistHub has been opened up gradually to more branches in the southwest; this approach has allowed us to improve the hub with each new team that comes on board. Every branch operates differently, and having their feedback and experience has been invaluable.

If you would like to discuss implimenting the ActivistHub system in your branch just email us and we can set up a demo.